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Il primato della verità sul potere

The Yale Edition of The Complete Works of St. Thomas More

This edition will include all of More’s extant works. Each volume will be edited by a specialist in the field of Renaissance studies and will include a comprehensive introduction. Latin texts will be accompanied by a facing English translation. There will be a full textual apparatus listing all significant variants. Each text will be followed by an extensive commentary and, where relevant, by appendices containing supplementary material. All the English works will be provided will glossaries.15 matching titles found:

Il primato della verità sul potere

Volume 1, English Poems, Life of Pico, The Last ThingsSt. Thomas More; Edited by Anthony S. G. Edwards, Clarence H. Miller, and Katherine Gardiner Rodgers.

Publication of this volume brings to conclusion the Yale Edition of the Complete Works of St. Thomas More, a thirty-year publishing project of landmark importance in the study of humanism in Western history. The volume contains More's earliest works, probably written between 1492 and 1522, including English poems, a translation and devotional adaptation of Giovanni Francesco Pico's life of his famous uncle Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, and a devotional prose work.
These texts together trace More's earliest career as a humanist through his transition to maturity as a defender of the faith.
The English poems (c. 1492-1494) are lively and experimental works, written at a time when English poetry was in its doldrums. This collection includes verses for a series of painted hangings in More's father's house, a lament for Queen Elizabeth, wife of Henry VII, traditional and sober Fortune verses, and a lively medieval comic poem, "A Merry Gest of a Sergeant and a Friar." The Life of Pico (c. 1510) is very likely More's earliest prose work and is his only extended translation of another writer's Latin into English. The translation is remarkable for its time, when sophisticated Latin was difficult to translate into more primitive English. The Last Things (c. 1522) is an incomplete prose work that re-creates the tradition of writing on death, judgment, hell, and heaven as objects of meditation.
With the publication of St. Thomas More: Selected Poems, edited by Elizabeth F. Rogers (1961), the Yale University Press rated two new editions of the works of St. Thomas More. One is a complete scholarly edition in fourteen volumes; the other a modernized version of selected works in seven volumes. St.Thomas More: Selected Letters is the first volume in the Selected Works; The History of King Richard III is Volume 2 in the Complete Works. These editions, to be published over a period of ten years, are designed to serve as standard reference works for many decades to come. Sponsored by the Yale University Department of English and the Yale University Library, these editions mark a new era in the study of Renaissance literature, history, and religion.

Anthony S. G. Edwards is professor of English at the University of Victoria. Katherine Gardiner Rodgers is research associate for the Yale Edition of the Complete Works of St. Thomas More. Clarence H. Miller is Dorothy Orthwein Professor of English at St. Louis University and editor of several earlier volumes in this series.
the history of king richard the third
Volume 2, The History of King Richard III
St. Thomas More; Edited by Richard S. Sylvester

Although it is generally accepted that More's Richard III initiates modern historical writing, there has been no scholarly edition of either the Latin of the English versions. The Yale St. Thomas More Project has now completed the formidable task of editing this work, and offers it complete, with parallel English (1557) and Latin (1565) texts, a full textual apparatus that lists all the major variant readings from Hardyng's and Halle's Chronicles, a collation of all extant manuscript versions, and, for the first time in full, the important early draft of the Latin text, manuscript Arundel 43 in the College of Arms. The Introduction discusses the development of the text and the circumstances under which it was composed, and there is a commentary which translates major passages preserved only in the Latin versions and examines the relationships between the texts. Richard Sylvester is assistant professor of English at Yale University and executive editor of the St. Thomas More Project. (Volume 1 in preparation.) Previously announced.
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